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Community Centre
A healthy and independent lifestyle that gains from strong social connections is a leading factor in life fulfillment and extended health, and here at Willow Haven we strive to create an environment that teams with opportunities for social interaction and so designed the Centre to accommodate these expectations.


Centrally located and comprised of a dining room, library, coffee lounge, administrative office and 1st level nurse office. This Community Centre forms the heart of the village.

Dining Area
Tasty and well-balanced meals are served in our "country"-style dining area at reasonable prices. Lunches are served daily. Special arrangements can be made with the managers for functions such as parties and family gatherings.

Coffee Lounge

Our refined yet cosy coffee lounge is adorned with elegant paintings that surround residents who come together to enjoy a cup of coffee, play the piano or participate in a game of cards.

The library features an extensive collection of both English and Afrikaans fiction and non-fiction books as well as a large collection of various magazines.

A secure environment is ensured with 24-hour gated security and a perimeter wall topped with multi-zoned electrified fencing.

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