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- Introduction

Willow Haven is a residential development designed for the over 50's who enjoy an active and socially varied lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy living, but who are looking at simplifying their lives by downsizing accommodation and the related maintenance and management requirements. We have catered for security, pleasant surroundings, services and the well-being of our residents.

Willow Haven is situated in the The Willows area of Pretoria East. Tall Palm trees welcome residents and visitors to this garden paradise where scents of lavender accompany residents throughout what is indeed a "haven".

Having more freedom to do what you enjoy most is what retirement is all about and that is what the developers had in mind. At Willow Haven, residents have more freedom to pursue interests and hobbies, and to discover new talents - to live the way they choose.

Willow Haven has a Variety of Units, from Smaller Bachelor Apartments to Larger 3 Bedroom Units with private gardens.

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