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 Equestria Village

- Personal Care

Equestria Frail Care staff can provide one-to-one personal care to our residents. Our staff are not only well-trained but have also developed the ability to become "attuned" to your special needs and preferences over time and ensure that residents get superior care. With a safe and sensitive approach, our staff members respect your dignity.


Personal care can include assistance with the activities of daily living, which may become challenging over time for residents. Our personal care services also include assisting people with a disability and to help develop their independent living skills.

Types of personal care we can provide include:

  • Showering, Bathing and Sponging

  • Dressing and Un-Dressing

  • Transfers (Bed, Wheelchair, Showers, Vehicles etc.) 

  • Mobility Assistance

  • Therapy and Rehabilitation Assistance in conjunction with a program designed by your consulting professional or one we can arrange for you (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist etc.) 

  • Support to use specialised aids and appliances 

  • Assistance with eating and drinking 

  • Grooming - including shaving and hair care 

  • Oral, Skin and Nasal Hygiene 

  • Lavatory assistance

  • Intimate Care 

  • Ordering and delivery of chronic medication 

  • Medication management

Hairdresser and Beautician Services are available.

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